Step back in time to the mid 20th century Fort Lauderdale Beach of Where the Boys Are. Learn about the fascinating geology of the barrier island and of the multi-faceted legacy of pioneer Hugh Taylor Birch. Birch’s legacy led to this whimsical, yet human-scaled neighborhood of human-scaled BroCoMo, Fort Lauderdale’s distinct contribution to the Mid-century Modern period.

See, and sometimes enter, several works, some endangered, by Fort Lauderdale’s inimical Charles McKirahan, including Birch Tower, Birch House, Manhattan Tower and the Barry Apartments, along with the works of other accomplished local architects of the period.

Experience how properties and small open spaces in the “North Beach Village” enclave are being adaptively used with new purposes and mixed uses. See how new infill architecture on the Beach has evolved over the last 20 years. Learn about the zoning requirement that assures the beach remains un-shadowed until 3:00 pm. And find out about the design of Fort Lauderdale Beach’s famous wave wall along A1A and the public beach.

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Starts on:09/22/2021
Location:Public parking available in meeting point area.

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$ 20.00
$ 25.00